Vic Firth American Classic Terra Series 7A w Nylon Tip Drumsticks

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Introducing the Vic Firth Terra™ Series, a celebration of the natural beauty in each pair of drumsticks and the connection every drummer feels when they sit behind their kit. Its your musical journey: Go with it.

There is no one path - no "right" path. There is only your path. The one that comes naturally and looks nothing like anyone else's. As unique to you as the grain of a hickory tree, this is your musical journey: Go with it.

The Vic Firth Terra™ Series drumsticks celebrate the natural beauty our earth gifts us in each drumstick we make. Using a proprietary staining process, the unique and beautiful grains are exposed so that no two pairs are alike. Crafted from premium USA Hickory in Newport, ME, the Terra™ series pays homage to the material that drummers around the world rely on to make magic behind their kit.

  • Features a proprietary stain that exposes the beautiful and unique grain in every pair.
  • Smaller in diameter and slightly shorter vs. 5A for better agility and finesse.
  • Tear drop nylon tip for added clarity, particularly when playing cymbals
  • Perfect for jazz and combo playing.
  • Crafted from premium USA Hickory in Newport, ME.