5-String BB425 Electric Bass, Vintage White(CLEARANCE)

by Yamaha
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Applying the advancements in knowledge, technology, and skills Yamaha has gained since launching the BB Series over 30 years ago, their bass design team has reinvented a legend with the new BB425 five-string electric bass guitar.

The new BB425 delivers exceptional tone and resonance using a no-compromise passive, bolt-on design that raises the bar for quality and performance. Exclusive features deliver powerful, rich tone, excellent attack and sustain, immense volume, and overwhelming presence.

The BB425's diagonal body-thru stringing angles the strings 45 at the saddle to reduce stress, secure their tension, and improve transmission of the strings' vibrations.

With a solid alder body, custom-wound pickups, and gig-ready hardware, the BB425 is a truly affordable bass designed for today's rock players.


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