B20VPR Byzance 20-Inch Vintage Pure Ride Cymbal

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Byzance Vintage Series cymbals are traditionally made from B20 bronze alloy and feature innovative designs with unconventional and unique sounds. These cymbals are crafted for drummers who are looking for a truly individual sound in order to express their musicality to the fullest. Each Byzance Vintage cymbal from MEINL is a distinct piece of art with stunning sound characteristics. The 20" Vintage Pure Ride dominates with stick control and dry, dark undertones. The completely unfinished surface is topped with extensive hand hammering that not only shapes the cymbal's sound to form the classic vintage tones, it gives each cymbal its own beautifully unique sonic characteristics. This is an extremely dry cymbal with practically no sustain, giving it an esoteric quality. Fusion, jazz, funk, R&B, electro, and studio players will find a voice with personality in the Vintage Pure Rides from MEINL.


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