CAJ3SU-M Striped Umber String Cajon

by Micheo Music
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Meinl Cajons are quickly becoming the go-to instrument for low-volume gigs. Like many of Meinl's cajons, it has a resonating Siam Oak body and a soundhole positioned at the rear of the instrument. The Striped Umber frontplate combined with the Siam Oak resonating body come together to develop a deep, resonating bass tone. This string Cajon features four internal metal guitar strings that come together into two adjustable points to deliver a snare effect when striking the frontplate. Cajons are ideal for softer acoustic gigs when a full drum kit cannot be used. Its portability, as well as its musicality, make it easy for musicians to pick up and play without hassle. Included with this Cajon is a small wrench for string adjustments.


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