Concert 288 Presentation Dual-Channel Wireless System I-Band

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The Concert 288 Presentation Dual-Channel Wireless System from Samson is a high-performance (UHF) wireless microphone solution for places where two users are needed. The system allows up to 24 systems (48 performers) to operate simultaneously. To reduce interference, the system works on I-Band, 518 to 566 MHz. The Concert 288 Presentation gives both performers an impressive 300' range of wireless operation between the transmitters and receiver. The system provides two buttons for auto syncing the receiver and transmitter channels via a signal to find the optimal channel. The panel also contains a dual 7-segment LED for the operating channels, two Volume knobs, two tuned antennas, as well as Ready and Peak indicators for optimal functionality and monitoring. The back of the receiver features two separate balanced XLR outputs for routing signals to two separate mixer channels, as well as a 1/4" unbalanced mix output that condense both signals to a single channel for a direct connection into a PA speaker. The Concert 288 Presentation features two CB288 Belt pack Transmitters, two LM5 Lavalier Microphones with locking connectors and two HS5 Headset Microphones with locking connectors. The transmitters can operate for up to eight hours on two AA batteries each (sold separately).

Multiple frequency options for interference-free performance in any environment
Up to 24 systems can be operated simultaneously (region dependent)
Separate Volume controls for each wireless signal
Dual balanced XLR outputs for routing signals to two separate mixer channels
1/4" unbalanced mix output to combine signals to one output channel
Each offers up to eight hours of battery life using two AA batteries
300' operating range