GEWA Pianos UP 280 G 88-Key Digital Piano (Matte Black)

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Product Highlights

  • 88 Weighted Keys
  • Graded Hammer Action
  • Sampled from Steinway D-274
  • 256-Note Polyphony
  • Internal 8-Track Sequencer
  • Built-In Bluetooth Receiver
  • Reverb and Modulation Effects
  • Built-In Amplifier and Stereo Speakers
  • 1/8" Aux Input
  • 1/4" Line and Headphone Outputs

GEWA Pianos UP 280 G Overview

The matte black GEW Pianos UP 280 G is an 88-key digital piano designed to provide the sound and feel of an acoustic grand piano for students, teachers, and performing musicians in lessons, rehearsals, and live performances. Its "Concert Pianist" keyboard features eighty-eight weighted keys with graded hammer action and an ivory-touch surface. The sound library, which boasts thirty-seven sounds and one hundred twenty-eight GM tones, utilizes samples of a Steinway D-274 grand piano.

256-note polyphony ensures that even the most complicated performances will be faithfully reproduced. The internal MIDI sequencer allows you to record and playback four songs, each with up to eight tracks, and you can use the integrated reverb and modulation effects to enhance the sound to your liking. Multiple input options allow you to play MP3 files from a USB flash drive, connect a mobile device to the 1/8" aux input, or stream music to the built-in Bluetooth receiver.

The built-in stereo speaker system utilizes a Class-D amplifier to drive two 6.5" speakers. Additionally, there are two 1/4" headphone outputs and two 1/4" line outputs for easy connection to a mixer or audio recorder.

128 x 64 LCD matrix display
88 weighted keys with Fatar graded hammer action and ivory-touch surface
Samples recorded from a Steinway D-274 grand piano
18 user settings
Selectable reverb, modulation, and amplifier simulation effects
8-track MIDI recording via internal sequencer
Metronome with click and rhythms
Split/layer option
4-hand mode divides keyboard in half for easy two-person playing
MP3 playback via USB flash drive
Integrated stereo speaker system with two 6.5" speakers and a Class-D amplifier