Hartke HD500 500-Watt 2x10" Bass Combo Amplifier

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The HD500 Bass Combo amp puts Hartke's radical HyDrive speaker design into a sleek combo amp, giving it the power to rock any live or studio setting.

The ultra-powerful HD500 Bass Combo amp is a part of Hartke's renowned HD Series. Featuring the innovative HyDrive speakers by Hartke, combined with a powerful 500-watt Class D amplifier, and housed in a sleek enclosure, the HD500 is for the bassist looking to put out some extraordinary low end sound.

Innovative HyDrive Speakers by Hartke
The innovation of Hartke's HyDrive speakers is in the crafting of the cone drivers. Carefully crafted paper/aluminum hybrid cone drivers deliver an exceptional blend of sound and articulation that you just won't get from the old all-paper bass speakers. Rare earth neodymium magnets assist in keeping this amp lightweight and portable, while maintaining all of the famous Hartke power.

Powerful 500-Watt Class D Amplifier
Hartke's been in the game for a while. As a result, this Class D amplifier is hardwired to produce a shattering 500 watts of power—more than enough for any venue. In addition, Hartke has been able to improve where bass players want improvement.  For instance, the HD500 includes a selectable shape control, which triggers a specialized preset EQ curve to improve your sound quality, through selective boosts, as well as attenuations across the frequency range. Moreover, the adjacent shape variable filter and 3-band EQ allows you to customize your bass sound. 

Sleek Enclosure
On top of the sounds of the HyDrive speakers and the 500-watt amp, the HD500 offers tremendous power in a highly-portable design. Weighing just 35 pounds in all, the HD500 can be easily transported via a molded strap carry handle. With the exceptional tone of the 500 watt amp driving the HyDrive speakers, all housed in a durable, highly portable enclosure, Hartke's HD500 Bass Combo is able to perform at levels far beyond ordinary bass combos.

  • 500-Watt 2x10 Bass Combo Amplifier
  • Hartke HyDrive Speakers
  • Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets
  • Selectable Shape Control
  • Adjacent Shape Variable Filter and 3-Band EQ
  • Highly portable, 35 lbs. Design with Molded Strap Carry Handle