Yamaha HW680 Hardware Kit

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Maybe you're outfitting a new shell pack with cymbals, or maybe you're just looking to get some new stands. Either way, as drummers know, when it comes to stands, affordable hardware that will securely support your cymbals and drums should still be affordable. In this pack, you get two boom cymbal stands, a snare stand, a hi-hat stand, and a killer kick drum pedal, all made with Yamaha's outstanding build quality and great-looking finishes.

  • 2 CS-665A boom cymbal stands allow flexible placement of ride and crash cymbals
  • SS-650WA snare stand holds your snare securely for worry-free performance
  • FP-7210A footpedal has an uncomplicated single-chain design and offers beater-angle adjustment
  • HS-650WA hi-hat stand is responsive, solid, and supports your hats safely
  • Bright chrome finishes are durable and have genuine stage appeal