PDP Blackout 5"x14" Snare

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First off: Despite its sinister black look, the PDP Blackout snare drum is, at its heart, an all-maple drum with the same heritage as many of the most famous snare drums in history. Now for the rest of the story. The Blackout looks lean and mean, with a stealthy black lacquer finish shrouding the maple shell. But it doesn't stop there. Black hoops, black lugs... you get the picture. It all adds up to a snare drum you'll be be showing off to your bandmates and friends. So forget all those drums that are all style and no substance. For a great-sounding and great-looking drum, go with the PDP Blackout.



From shells to hardware, you can count on PDP quality. A subsidiary of Drum Workshop, Pacific Drums and Percussion has made legendary DW quality available to working drummers at amazingly affordable prices. PDP's drums, pedals, stands, and other drum hardware are designed and built by drummers, for drummers. PDP gear can handle whatever abuse your gigging schedule can dish out, and keep on truckin' night after night. Whether you're a percussion student or a seasoned drummer, for durable, great-sounding, affordable drums and hardware, you can trust PDP.

PDP PDBB0514 Blackout Snare Drum Features:
  • A great snare drum for any style of music
  • 5" x 14" size is comfortable and versatile
  • All-maple shell with distinctive black lacquer finish
  • Black hoops and lugs