VOX Cambridge 50 50W Digital Modeling Amplifier for Electric Guitars

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Key Features
  • 50W RMS / 1x12 Cabinet
  • Nutube Power / VET Modeling
  • Celestion VX12 12" Speaker
  • 11 Amplifier Models / 4 FX Types
  • Gain, Treble, Bass, and Volume Controls
  • Modulation & Time-Based FX
  • Factory & User Presets
  • Built-In USB Audio Interface
  • 1/4" Input & 3.5mm Aux Input
  • Tone Room & JamVOX III Software



The VOX Cambridge 50 is a digital modeling amplifier for electric guitars, one which relies on Nutube technology to give you the sound, feel, and response of tubes. There are 11 amp settings housed in this single, 1x12 50W combo amp, including boutique classics and modern high-gain units. Not only are the amps modeled, but cabinet responses of the originals have been articulated thanks to VOX's proprietary Virtual Element Technology.

In addition to 11 amplifier types, eight effects are accessed by two knobs. One knob is dedicated to modulation effects such as chorus and flanger, and the other is geared for delays and reverbs, giving you tape slap, analog delay, spring verb, and a hall. You'll even find a tap-tempo button and controls for gain, bass, treble, volume, and power level.

The amp has slots to store both built-in presets and user presets, so you can dial in your tone and save it for next time. Thanks to the USB connection, Tone Room Editor/Librarian software, and the bundled JamVOX III software, you can record VOX tone direct to your DAW, deeply edit parameters of the amp via your iOS or Android device, and transcribe your favorite solos at slowed-down tempos.

You'll find a 1/4" input for your instrument as well as a 3.5mm auxiliary input for jamming along to backing tracks. A 3.5mm headphone output lets you listen to the amp through headphones. A footswitch input on the back lets you expand the amount of user presets onboard from two to eight slots.

11 Built-In Amp Models

Proprietary Virtual Element Technology VET allows the modeling of 11 famous VOX amps. This technology not only models the amplifiers, but also the way sound has been influenced by the original cabinets of the amps being modeled. Tube amps, modern high-gain amps, rare boutique amps, and the iconic AC30 are all presented here. A Line mode is also provided to support acoustic-electric guitars and keyboards, further expanding the unit's scope.

8 Effect Types

You'll find a generous selection of effects for shaping your sound. Both modulation effects and delay/reverb effects can be used simultaneously. You'll find four of each, giving you a total of eight effects. A tap button is also provided, so you can set the delay time and other parameters intuitively.

Celestion VX12 Speaker

A Celestion VX12 speaker takes full advantage of the 50W output. The rear of the unit uses an open-back structure, delivering the open and crisp sound that you expect from a Celestion VX12.

The Power of Nutube

The VOX Cambridge50 features a Nutube, a new-generation vacuum tube. Using electro-luminescent technology with the same structure as a conventional vacuum tube, the Nutube has been offered in a variety of products from VOX and others. The distortion, compression, feel, and response you'd expect from a vacuum tube are all here. In addition to the lightweight design that was unobtainable by a conventional vacuum tube amp, the Nutube brings additional advantages such as being maintenance free and cost-effective.

Built-In USB Audio Interface

The VOX Cambridge50 provides a USB audio interface for connecting to your computer and recording the Nutube sound directly. In addition to letting you enjoy performing, this unit is perfect for integrating with your home recording setup.

Tone Editor/Librarian Software

The Tone Room editor/librarian software supports the VOX Cambridge50. You can use it to access parameters not accessible from the unit itself, and store your settings in a library. In addition to Mac and Windows, iOS and Android are supported, allowing easy access via USB.

JamVOX III Modeling Software Bundled

With JamVOX III modeling software bundled, you can easily enjoy playing guitar on your PC. You can take advantage of the GXT function that lets you extract, emphasize, or remove a specific part from an existing song; you can also use the music player function to play back a loop from a song that you are learning or practicing, and even change its tempo. ASIO drivers are supported, so you can also record and play back via software other than JamVOX III, such as a DAW or guitar amp simulator.