Zildjian A 19" Armand Beautiful Baby Ride Cymbal w/ 3 Rivets

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The 19" Beautiful Baby Ride was made to commemorate the legacy, passion, and cymbal making of Armand Zildjian. It delivers a bright and musical vintage A Zildjian sound and features a three-rivet cluster for a cool and dynamic sizzle. To make this cymbal even more special, it features a laser engraved signature of Armand Zildjian and his favorite expression, "Beautiful, Baby."
    • Made to commemorate the cymbal-making legacy of Armand Zildjian
    • Features three-rivet cluster for cool, dynamic sizzle
    • Laser-engraved signature of Armand and his favorite expression, "Beautiful, Baby"
    • Unique 19" ride cymbal size
    • Delivers bright, vintage A Zildjian sound