Zildjian ZHT 390 Cymbal Pack

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The Zildjian ZHT 5-cymbal Pack hooks up your drum kit with the bright and biting sound of Zildjian's remarkable B12 alloy. If you want a cutting cymbal sound, you're on the right page. The Zildjian ZHT 5-cymbal Pack gives you the tight and focused "chick" of a pair of 14" ZHT Mastersound hi-hats, the powerful impact of a 17" ZHT fast crash, and the dynamic swell of a 20" ZHT medium ride. On top of that, this pack includes a FREE 16" ZHT China cymbal for sharp, explosive, and trashy tones. Zildjian's ZHT series cymbals are designed to give you bright and cutting sound at an incredibly affordable price. Get superior bronze quality with this Zildjian ZHT 5-cymbal Pack.



Zildjian ZHT 5-cymbal Pack at a Glance:

  • Save cash on this Zildjian ZHT cymbal pack
  • Superior sheet bronze technology
  • Serious drummers rely on Zildjian