Darkglass Alpha·Omega Super Intelligent Footswitch for Alpha-Omega 900 Bass Head

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αΩ Super Intelligent Footswitch.

Alpha·Omega Super Intelligent Footswitch has three programmable footswitches for assigning channels (Clean, Alpha, Omega, Mod) and compressor state (On or Off). It also has a separate mute footswitch. The channel footswitch functions are programmed through Darkglass Suite, and settings are stored on the Alpha·Omega 900 amplifier.


A (Default Setting)

Clean, compression Off.

B (Default Setting)

Clean, compression On.

C (Default Setting)

Distortion (Mod), compression On.


Mutes the amplifier for tuning or other purposes.


Length: 22 cm / 8¾”
Depth: 4,5 cm / 1¾”
Height: 4,8 cm / 2″
Weight: 0.450 kg / 0.99 lb