Mackie 3204VLZ4 32-Channel Analog Mixer

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The largest in the VLZ4 lineup, the 3204VLZ4 is equipped to make live sound in your venue, club, house of worship, and beyond sound better than ever. With 32 channels of classic analog Mackie sound signature, Onyx preamps, and plenty of routing options, this is the perfect step up to professional analog sound for your production.

  • 28 Boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps with ultra-wide 60dB gain range
  • Phantom power for condenser mics
  • Dedicated inline channel compression for critical inputs (ch. 25-28)
  • 3-band EQ with sweepable midrange
  • 18 dB/oct 100Hz low-cut filter on mic input channels
  • Level, pan, solo and overload/mute LEDs on each channel
  • Dual 32-bit RMFX+™ processors featuring 24 “Gig Ready” reverbs, choruses and tap delay for live applications
  • Integrated 4x2 24-bit USB interface
  • 60mm long-wearing log-taper faders
  • High-resolution 12-segment stereo meters
  • “Built-Like-A-Tank” rugged steel chassis with powder-coat finish
  • High-visibility, high-contrast controls deliver convenient “at-a-glance” visual feedback