Tascam Model12 12-Channel Multitrack Recorder USB Audio Interface With FX

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Integrated Production Suite

Model 12

Desktop Tool for Music and Multimedia Creators

Model 12

An All-in-One production Mixer for Music and Multimedia Creators, Songwriters and Performers.

The TASCAM Model 12 is a powerful production workstation and DAW control surface for music producers, content creators, live performers, and podcasters. At its core, Model 12 is a high-quality compact mixer, complete with premium Ultra HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) microphone preamps, compressor and 3-band EQ on each channel, 3-band mastering EQ, and console-like routing capabilities. Beyond your DAW, Model 12 is also a standalone recorder that's ready to capture studio-quality multitrack audio directly to SD card. Connect to your computer and Model 12 becomes a powerful audio interface with comprehensive DAW control capabilities, giving you a tactile, hands-on mixing experience while you leave your mouse aside. Live performers will appreciate Model 12's built-in effects and routing flexibility, while podcasters will find crucial functions like mix-minus and a dedicated smartphone input. Whether you use it as a USB audio interface, DAW controller, standalone recorder, or as a standard mixing board, the TASCAM Model 12 is equipped to support your creative process.



Studio-quality 12-track Recording Direct to SD Card
Model 12

The Model 12 is a compact multitrack recording studio, with the ability to record 12 tracks simultaneously at 24-bit/48kHz audio quality directly to SD card. With a built-in metronome, punch-in/out capability, and overdubbing functions, the Model 12 gives you the tools you need to produce a full band. You can also transfer your recordings directly to your computer via USB for further editing, processing, and mixing.

Model 12: The Ultimate DAW Controller
Model 12

Model 12's comprehensive DAW control means you can ditch your mouse and mix your music like you would with a traditional mixing board. Navigating your session is easy with familiar transport controls, no need to remember key commands or grab your mouse when you need to move to a new song section. Hands-on control over your mix allows you to focus more on your music and less on menus, scrolling and clicking. If you want to make music in your DAW with the familiar feel of a mixing board, you'll be impressed with Model 12 as your DAW control surface.

12-in/10-out USB Audio Interface with DAW Control Integration
Model 12

Equipped with an onboard USB Type-C connector, the Model 12 is ready to connect to your DAW software for multitrack recording and playback. For comprehensive control over your DAW, Model 12 uses HUI/MCU protocol emulation to give you hands-on control over faders, mutes, pans, solos, record arm, play, record, stop, FF/Rew, and jog functions.

* DAW control operation has been confirmed with the following DAW software:
- Avid Pro Tools
- Apple Logic Pro
- MOTU Digital Performer
- Steinberg Cubase
- Ableton Live
- Cakewalk by BandLab
- Presonus Studio One (Added in V1.30)
- Cockos REAPER (Added in V1.30)
- Steinberg Cubasis 3.3 (Added in V1.30)


Model 12

Whether you're recording or performing live, Model 12's dedicated click output helps you to stay in time. The Tap Tempo feature makes it easy to set your ideal tempo, and also allows you to sync Model 12's built-in delay effects to the tempo of your music. And for hands-free control over Tap Tempo, simply connect a non-latching footswitch (sold separately) to Model 12's footswitch input.

Loop Song Sections on the Fly with the VAMP Playback Function (Added in V1.11)

Model 12 makes it easy to create a seamless playback loop between two points in a song, with its VAMP Playback function. Loop your full arrangement for an extended solo or group jam, or loop the playback of only a selected track for creative emphasis. From practice and band rehearsal to live performance, VAMP Playback gives you a ton of freedom to extend your song's arrangement.

Model 12
Ready to Integrate with Your MIDI Gear
Model 12

Model 12 is equipped with 5-pin MIDI In and Out ports to integrate your synthesizers and drum machines. You can also use MIDI to synchronize external effects processors with the tempo of your music, or allow your DAW software to operate in time with the Model 12.

Podcast and Stream Your Music Directly to Your Fans
Model 12

The Model 12 is fully-equipped for podcasting and internet streaming. Podcasters will appreciate mix-minus functionality, as well as the dedicated smartphone input for external audio capture. You have plenty of microphone inputs for guests and additional performers, with dual headphone outputs available for monitoring. And with onboard Bluetooth, you can stream audio wirelessly to the Model 12. As a live streaming solution, Model 12 offers everything you need to sound your best.

* Operation confirmed with the following streaming and telecommunications software:
- Skype
- Discord
- OBS (Added in V1.11)

Output Delay for Synchronized Audio/Video Streaming (Added in V1.20)
Model 12

When you're recording or streaming, it's crucial that your audio and video are in sync. Model 12's output delay function makes it easy to ensure stable sync between streamed audio and video. Output delay can be adjusted up to 2,000ms in 1ms increments, allowing you to sync with practically any camera or video mixer. And when you're streaming a live performance, you can apply the output delay to the USB audio stream while leaving the main XLR outputs unaffected.


Model 12
Model 12
Your All in One Production Console, from Recording to Mastering
Model 12

With its studio-console-style design and workflow, Model 12 encourages hands-on creativity throughout your entire production process. Each channel offers a simple one-knob compressor for dynamics control, and 3-band EQ for tone shaping. The built-in effects section offers must- have effects like reverb, delay, chorus, and more, while pan controls and 60mm faders allow you to shape your mix fast. Once your mix is dialed in, use the Master Section EQ with sweepable mid band is ready to put the final polish on your stereo mix.

Ultra HDDA Preamps for Pristine Audio Quality
Model 12
Model 12

TASCAM's Ultra HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) mic preamps boast an amazingly low noise floor and exceptional fidelity, making it easy to capture pro-level sound quality with practically any microphone. What's more, all of Model 12's channels are equipped with Hi-Z inputs for direct connection of guitars, basses, and other instruments. All inputs support line- level sources like keyboards and drum machines as well, giving you the flexibility you need to record practically any combination of sound sources.

Compact, Rugged, and Loaded with Inputs
Model 12

Despite its compact size, Model 12 is packed with input options. On the rear panel you'll find eight XLR/TRS combo inputs (with +48V phantom power), with additional line inputs on channels 9 and 10 to accommodate stereo sound sources. The first two channels also offer insert points for integrating external sound processors into your workflow. There's a dedicated smartphone input (3.5mm TRRS) for playback from your portable devices, as well as onboard Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless audio streaming — perfect for playing some background music between live performances. In other words, Model 12 is well-equipped for practically any small-format recording or live production application.

Dual Headphone Monitoring, No Splitter Required
Model 12

Model 12 is equipped with dual headphone outputs, eliminating the need to split a headphone output for two people. Each headphone output can output its own discrete mix, allowing the engineer and performer to hear exactly what they need.

Features at a glance

Key Features
  • Loaded with inputs to accommodate practically any workflow, including 8 XLR mic inputs with phantom power, 8 Hi-Z instrument inputs, a total of 10 line inputs, Bluetooth 5.0, and 3.5mm TRRS smartphone input
  • Record up to 12 tracks simultaneously to SD card, with up to 10-track playback
  • Ready to serve as a 12-in/10-out audio interface for your DAW software (USB Type-C connector)
  • Ultra HDDA mic preamp technology captures rich, detailed audio with an ultra-low noise floor
  • Offers simple hands-on DAW control via HUI/MCU protocol emulation
  • Built-in effects section allows you to add studio-quality reverb, delay, chorus, and other effects
  • 5-pin MIDI In/Out ports to synchronize with external MIDI-equipped devices like drum machines, sequencers, and effects modules


Other Features
  • Dual headphone outputs support two discrete mixes
  • 1-knob compressor and 3-band EQ on all input channels
  • Flexible routing capability with MAIN L-R and SUB L-R mix buses and dual Aux sends
  • Easily sync to video with adjustable output delay (0-2,000ms)
  • Selectable pre/post-fader modes and solo-in-place
  • Dual footswitch (TRS connector) support for hands-free control over transport, effects, and other functions
  • Convenient built-in metronome, with dedicated click output and Tap Tempo support
  • Optional carrying bag is available for ease of transport

Included Items

  • Model 12 x1
  • AC adapter (TASCAM PS-M1524) x1
  • Power cord for AC adapter x1
  • USB cable (1m) x1
  • TRRS cable (1m) x1
  • Owner's Manual (including warranty)