Vater Fusion Acorn Drum Sticks

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A new tip on an iconic stick... The Fusion Acorn is the same design as the classic Vater Fusion but with an acorn tip for a warmer cymbal and drum tone.

"Vater nailed it when they designed the "Fusion Acorn" model. It has all the technical aspects you need when playing drums - length, strength, balance, durability and playability. But most importantly, it feels good in your hands which makes your drumming more inspiring and creative. Don't walk... RUN to your nearest drum shop and get a pair of these!!!" - Curt Bisquera

"I've been with Vater for over twenty years now. They stand by me...and I stand by them. It's all about Family for the both of us.My world of sound is realized and enhanced by the beautiful sticks and mallets this family produces. Every stick or mallet that I've ever received from Vater has been perfectly straight, balanced, crafted and constructed. I have used every little invention they have come up with and have never sent back a single piece of it. If you demand the deserve Vater." -Butch Norton [Lucinda Williams]