10" Active 250W Speaker With Bluetooth Save $30.00
12" Active 300W Speaker With Bluetooth Save $50.00
Jazz Chorus Audio Desktop Speaker Save $50.00
XP112A Expedition Active 12" Speaker 500W Save $84.01
XP115A Expedition Active 15" Speaker 500W Save $110.00
X12D Auro X Active 12" Speaker 1000W
Behringer B115D PA Speaker System Save $150.00
X15D Auro X Speaker  1000W Save $20.00
Thump15A 1300W 15" Powered Speaker Sold out
DBR12 Active 12" Speaker 1000W
DBR15 Active 15" Speaker 1000W Save $60.00
DXR10 10" Active Speaker Sold out
Stagesource On-Stage Monitor Save $150.00
DXR12 Active 12" Speaker 1,100W W/DSP Save $350.00
DXR15 Active Speaker 1,100W W/ DSP Sold out


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