Blackstar Silverline Special 50W Guitar Combo Amp

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Blackstar’s Silverline Series guitar amplifiers combine high-end digital flexibility with stunning boutique style and guitarist-friendly controls. This Silverline Special 50W digital amp/speaker combo features a unique dual patent design, with a high-powered SHARC processor to deliver uncompromising tone for every playing style. Using patented TVP technology, the Response control delivers the dynamics, sag and break-up of 6 classic valve power amps. Combined with 6 unique Blackstar voices, ISF tone shaping and studio quality effects, these amps give you the tools to achieve the sound in your head.

  • 50W combo with high-powered SHARC DSP
  • 12" Celestion V-Type speaker
  • High-end digital performance and flexibility
  • Proven intuitive guitarist-friendly controls
  • Stunning new boutique styling and metal 'coffin' logo