Conn SC650 Curved Soprano Saxophone

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Step into the world of quality saxophones. The Conn SC650 soprano saxophone is an instrument that will comfortably take you to a Grade 5 standard. To ensure that your tone is always warm and rounded, the Conn SC650 is made from quality yellow brass with a Gold Lacquer finish. So whether you're playing in a classical or pop environment, the SC650 will always blend with those around you.

Often manufacturers of student saxophones will use cheap pads which can lead to playing issues in the future. This is why Conn have used quality Pisoni pads on the SC650 soprano saxophone. Known in the saxophone world as some of the best pads you can get, these Italian pads will not let you down. Thanks to their high-quality construction, these pads will form a tight seal around the tone holes. What does this mean for you? Easier note production, better intonation, and an overall better playing experience.


Key: Bb
Range: Low Bb - High F#
Body: Brass
Bow: Brass
Bell: Brass
Keys: Brass
Finish: Gold Lacquer
Neck: Brass
Included Accessories: Lightweight Case with Backpack Straps and a Mouthpiece