Meinl Gospel Praise and Worship Church Tambourine with Synthetic Head and Steel Jingles

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Accompany your worship service music with bright percussive elements from the MEINL Praise & Worship Tambourine. Equipped with a pre-tuned synthetic head that features a dove image, these tambourines are at home in church service choral groups or worship bands.

Their resounding jingle effects are enhanced by the tightly tuned head, which produces a bright tone with plenty of volume. The lightweight, durable frame is designed for energetic playing and makes this tambourine perfectly suitable to be used as a house percussion piece by different players.


  • 10" single-row tambourine
  • Nickel plated steel jingle
  • Durable frame
  • Pre-tuned synthetic head
  • Perfect for worship settings with a chorus or live band
  • Dove graphic