Numark DJ2GO2 Touch Pocket DJ Controller

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The Numark DJ2GO2 Touch DJ controller features an upgraded design with capacitive jog wheels. It still retains the compact, portable profile of the original DJ2GO2. Thanks to small size, it fits easily into a DJ gig bag or backpack. With plug-and-play simplicity, this slender controller comes with Serato DJ Lite. It’s also upgrade-ready to the full version of Serato DJ Pro. You can also map it with other popular DJ software.

Building on the success of the original DJ2GO2 Serato DJ controller, the DJ2GO2 Touch is made for all DJ styles. It’s perfect for prepping tracks and practicing sets for upcoming gigs, or performing at small parties. With its small footprint, it’s a great space-saver in crowded setups. The Numark DJ2GO2 Serato controller is so compact, you can easily throw it in your gear bag as backup for every gig.

You unlock all the power of a large DJ controller with DJ2GO2 Touch. The touch-capacitive jog wheels bring DJ2Go2 Touch to the next level. Perform light to heavy scratches and blend your mix by nudging the side of the jog wheel. At the heart of this small-but-powerful DJ controller is a built-in sound card with master gain, headphone output for cueing, browse and load knob for convenience, and performance pads for cue points, sampler, and effects.

The DJ2GO2 Touch is designed to fit perfectly on your laptop without blocking the keyboard. With full Serato integration, you can easily set cue points and loops on the fly using the RGB performance pads.

  • Ultra-compact 2-channel DJ controller
  • Comes with Serato DJ Lite; upgrades to Serato DJ Pro
  • Two capacitive jog wheels for scratching and back-cueing
  • Performance pads