Quiklok IPS-12 Universal Tablet Mount

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The IPS-12 is a universal tablet mount for side/top connection to microphone & music stands.  Clever, safe and practical design allows musicians to integrate their tablet with existing microphone and sheet music stands, for use on stage, in production studios, in the rehearsal room or at home.  Will accommodate virtually any size tablet having side measurements ranging from 111 mm to 301 mm (4.37″ to 11.85″) and depth ranging from 6.9 mm to 18.7 mm (0.27″ to 0.73″).  Flexible yet rugged rubberized plastic stoppers will hold the tablet firmly and securely in place, without interfering with dock connector, speaker, headphone jack, on/off or volume buttons.  No wobble, lightweight aluminum plate is designed to ensure full tilt and rotational adjustability, and to switch rapidly from the vertical to the horizontal viewing mode without slipping for ideal positioning of your tablet.  The mount can be fastened directly on to any 3/8″ standard microphone stand thread connection. A slim yet sturdy steel bracket (included) allows you to mount the tablet sideways to the vertical pole of any microphone or sheet music stand with a diameter ranging from 14 to 30 mm (0.55″ to 11.8″).