Samson MEDIAONE 10S Active Studio Subwoofer

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Samson 10S Overview

The Samson MediaOne 10S Active Studio Subwoofer is designed to deliver low frequency sound reinforcement in a wide range of multimedia applications from listening to music, producing tracks, watching movies, or playing video games.

A single down-firing 10.0" (25.4 cm) copolymer woofer with a tuned bass reflex port is driven by a 100W plate amplifier within a vinyl wrapped MDF cabinet to deliver an adjustable frequency response of 35 to 300 Hz ±3 dB. A protective mesh grill protects the woofer from damage while making the overall enclosure aesthetically pleasing for the studio, living room, or den.

The back panel of the subwoofer features RCA inputs for directly connecting to a music source as well as RCA outputs to connect to your main monitors. Speaker level input and output terminals allow you to connect A/V receivers and/or additional speakers to expand your home theater setups. A variable low pass frequency control allows you to fine tune the response of the subwoofer to suit your listening room. Additional controls include a phase switch and subwoofer volume control. A sleep mode can be engaged to conserve electricity when the subwoofer is not in use.