Warm Audio Prem-TS-10' Premier Gold Straight to Straight Instrument Cable - 10-foot

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Presented here with a cable length of 10', this Warm Audio Premier Series Instrument Cable provides a high-end connection between unbalanced instrument-level connections. Use it to connect your guitar or bass to your amplifier onstage or in the studio.

To guarantee optimal performance, Warm Audio partnered with Gotham AG, one of Switzerland's best producers of premium cable. So, if you care deeply about preserving the details of your sound across cable runs, this cable is suitable for you, as it's chock-full of features that enable a top-of-the-line performance, such as gold-plated connectors, double-Ruessen shielding to protect against EMI, and a braided outer wrap. 


  • For Unbalanced Instrument Connections
  • Two 1/4" TS Plugs
  • Double-Ruessen Shielding for Hi-Fi Sound
  • Ensures High-Quality Sound
  • Braided Outer Wrap Fights Kinks
  • Gold Connectors Fight Corrosion
  • Gotham AG Cable