Zildjian 20" K Constantinople Medium Thin Hi Ride Cymbal

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The K Constantinople Medium Thin Ride High features plenty of give and complex texture, with great 'crashability' at a medium thin weight. The combination of top articulation and bottom spread provides excellent stick articulation. It features a slightly higher profile than the Medium Thin Low, resulting in a little more focused stick sound and less wash, at a higher fundamental pitch.

At a Glance:


  • Fabulous vintage feel
  • Warm and lush sound with a higher pitch
  • Hand-lathed by skilled artisans using old-style cutting tools

    • Type: Ride
    • Size: 20"
    • Weight: Thin
    • Finish: Traditional
    • Material: B20, Cast Bronze
    • Volume:General
    • Sound:Dark
    • Sustain: Medium
    • Pitch: Mid to high
    • Bell Size: Medium
    • Balance: Blend
    • Manufacturer Part Number: K1115