Aclam Tidy Cable Organizer Set for Smart Track and Evo Track Pedalboards, 5 Piece

Sale price$8.99 USD

The Tidy Cable Organizer Set from Aclam Guitars provides you five individual attachments to affix to the rails of their Smart Track and Evo Track series pedalboards. Many guitarists can tell you that their pedalboards become quite cluttered rather quickly; the laws of entropy practically ensure that cables in proximity to each other somehow, as if by wizardry, manage to tangle in no time. Thus, the Tidy Cable Organizer Set is designed to aid in this on-going fight against cable clutter by keeping your DC power cables tucked neatly inside the tracks.

Fasten these tiny brackets to one of the Smart Track or Evo Track pedalboards, and any cables you slip between its spaced rails will be kept sturdily in place—and handsomely out of view. The Tidy Cable Organizer Set features a clip-on/clip-off design making attachment and detachment a simple process.


  • For Smart Track & Evo Track Pedalboards
  • Effectively Hides Cable Clutter
  • 5x Cable Organizing Attachments
  • Clip-On / Clip-Off Design