Blackstar HT MK III 2 x 12-inch Guitar Cabinet

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Blackstar HTV 212 MkIII Overview

Designed to perfectly match 3rd generation HT amplifiers or any other line of amps, the HT-212VOC MK III from Blackstar is a 2x12" stereo speaker cabinet with 160W power handling capacity. This vertical cabinet features a removable rear panel for easy configuration as either a half-open or closed-back cab, depending on your preference.

Two 1/4" inputs are provided for either mono 16-ohm or stereo 4-ohm operation. Like previous generations, the HT-212VOC MK III sports rugged build quality for surviving intense gigging and tours.

Ideal Applications
Quieter than the HT Venue series, the HT Series MK III is ideal for home practice, rehearsals, and small to moderate stages. The HT-212VOC MK III in particular excels in recording, band practice, and gigging scenarios, with its maximum output of 160W being suitable for clubs and larger stages when pushed to its full potential.

The stereo capabilities make it especially effective for recording stereo FX or translating said effects to live scenarios. The vertical orientation better suits playing on large crowded stages where space is at a premium and a longer throw is desired for reaching far-off crowds.