Breedlove Pursuit Concert Nylon CE Red Cedar - Mahogany

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Solid Wood Top
Along with its body shape, a guitar’s top is the defining element of its sound, driving, through its vibration, the key aspects of volume, tone, sustain and projection. Spruce will, due in part to its famous stiffness-to-weight ratio, ring loud and clear. A solid wood top translates those vibrations with more immediacy and purity of tone, and reacts more directly with the intent of a player. If you are at an intermediate level or above, you will appreciate the instantly recognizable benefits of a solid wood top.


The Breedlove Play Style system was created to help you, the player, select your sound and playing style. Finding the most appropriate guitar to fit your sound requires finding not only the correct body shape, but the proper tonewood combinations to fit your style of play. Each Breedlove guitar is designed for a specific play style and sound, the Play Style systems assign a playing style icon to each instrument.

L | Lighter Play, Fingerstyle: One of Breedlove’s specialties is crafting guitars with a more focused, individual note-for-note clarity and tonal balance.

Wood and Animal Contents

  • TopSolid Western Red Cedar/ Thuja plicata/ Canada
  • Back and SidesOkoume/ Aucomea klaineana/ Gabon
  • NeckNato/ Palaquium rostrarum/ Indonesia
  • FretboardOvangkol/ Guibourtia ehie/ Gabon
  • BridgeOvangkol/ Guibourtia ehie/ Gabon
  • Headstock overlayBasswood/ Tilia chinensis/ China
  • Body BindingTortoise/Plastic
  • Fretboard BindingNone
  • Headstock BindingNone
  • Fretboard InlayMother of Pearl
  • Nut / SaddleBone | Bubalus bubalis | China



  • Body TypeConcert
  • Layered Back & SidesMahogany
  • CutawaySoft
  • Headstock shapeSlotted Asymmetrical
  • Scale Length25.6”
  • # Frets20
  • Nut Width1.69"
  • Lower Bout Width15.37"
  • Waist Width9"
  • Upper Bout Width11.28"
  • Body Length19.875"
  • Body Depth at neck3.58”
  • Body Depth at tailblock4.2”
  • Sound Hole Diameter3.94”
  • TunersNickel Nylon Open Gear
  • ElectronicsLR Baggs EAS
  • String GaugeD'Addario EJ 46
  • CaseN/A