Darkglass Intelligent Footswitch for Darkglass Microtubes & Alpha-Omega Amplifiers - Black

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Intelligent Footswitch.

The Intelligent Footswitch is an intuitive yet versatile accessory for our amplifiers. One tap will engage and disengage the Microtubes Engine, while holding for 3 seconds will Mute the amplifier. It is connected to the head via a standard 1/4″ cable and it’s powered by a microcontroller that sends commands to the head using a proprietary communication protocol.


Power On:

Turns the amplifier on or off.


Engage and disengage the Microtubes Engine.


Mutes the amplifier for tuning or other purpose.


Length: 6,8 cm / 2¾”
Depth: 7,3 cm / 2¾”
Height: 4,8 cm / 2″
Weight: 0.180 kg / 0.4 lb