Denon Prime 4 Professional 4-Channel DJ Controller

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The Denon Prime 4 is a standalone DJ controller with a large, 10” HD touchscreen interface. The Prime 4 all-in-one DJ controller lets you leave your laptop at home. Its powerful multicore processor analyzes your music files internally. The Denon Prime 4 professional controller is also designed to accept a 2.5” SATA hard drive. This allows DJs to expand their setup and store their music on the Prime 4 without the need for external USB or SD media storage.

Denon’s built-in Engine Prime software lets DJs control four internal decks simultaneously. Use gestures and simple touches to control the Prime 4’s 10-inch color touch screen. Rugged, 6” metal jog wheels feature central display screens with customizable looks. The Prime 4’s platters can be set to display vital track information, track artwork or DJ logos. The touch-sensitive jog wheels are ultra-responsive, so you can perform scratch techniques just like you would on a traditional turntable with vinyl records.

The Denon Prime 4 professional DJ controller features independent zone output. This versatile feature allows DJs to send a dedicated, music playlist to a separate location. At the same time, the user can continue performing in the main room. Unique to Denon, this innovative feature lets you control the mood, volume and EQ in two independent locations. The Prime 4 controller boasts a dedicated XLR zone output with its own gain and EQ control.

With a variety of input options, the Denon Prime 4 standalone controller gives you more ways to connect your audio sources. Four input channels let you connect external media sources. Two dedicated microphone inputs and individual controls let you use two mics simultaneously. Four USB ports and one SD media slot provide quick access to music files. The Prime 4 even offers USB keyboard support.

The 10” color touchscreen makes the Denon Prime 4 extremely user friendly. The large multi-touch display lets you intuitively access music, interact with your digital library and view essential DJ parameters. Full-color waveforms and other graphics keep you informed while you’re mixing.

At the heart of the Prime 4 controller is a professional club-style mixer. It features four channel line faders, each with 3-band EQ and gain. All four inputs are assignable to the switchable line/phono inputs. A replaceable Denon DJ crossfader completes this pro-grade mixer.

An array of 16 performance pads on the Prime 4 give DJs total creative freedom. Remix whole tracks and beat juggle with hot cues, then split up bars and beats with quantize-locked, Rolls, Slicer and advanced Looping. The Prime 4 controller gives you the power to craft your sound any way you can imagine. Choose from 13 textured DJ FX, sourced directly Denon’s flagship X1800 Prime mixer.

All of these high-tech features are packaged in a rugged package. The Denon Prime 4 is designed for professional use. Its robust metal chassis and durable components are meant to deliver years of reliable performance, just as you’d expect from Denon DJ.

  • 4-channel mixer section and 4-deck control
  • Pro-grade construction with metal chassis
  • Powerful onboard processing with Engine Prime
  • 10" touchscreen interface
  • Zoned output and dual mic inputs

More creative control than ever before—order today.

  • Channels: 4
  • Bit resolution: 24-bit
  • Sampling rate: Not specified
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Phono inputs: 2 (RCA stereo)
  • CD/Line inputs: 4 (RCA stereo)
  • Mic inputs 2 (XLR, 1/4")
  • USB ports: 5
  • Booth out: 1 (XLR)
  • Master out: 2 (RCA stereo, XLR stereo)
Onboard Features
  • Displays: 1 touchscreen, 2 center jog wheel
  • Jog wheels: Yes
  • Touch strip No
  • Mixer: 4-channel/4-deck
  • EQ: 3-band
  • Filter control: Yes
  • Built-in FX: Yes
  • Trigger pads 16 velocity sensitive
  • Loop recorder: Yes
  • DJ software: Engine Prime
  • Width: 28.68"
  • Height: 4.08"
  • Depth: 19.56"
  • Weight: 21.34 lb.