DW Design Series 4PC Shell Pack Tobacco Sunburst

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DW presents Design Series, an extensive DW kit that raises the bar yet again. Design Series shells are full, resonant, and responsive, producing a rich sound that packs a punch. The Mini-Pro 4-Piece Shell Set 16/12 features 14x16" Bass Drum, 6x10" and 9x13" Toms, and 5x12" Snare. The new, sleek look boasts suede outline logo heads and sleek silver and white badges. The kit looks fresh and sounds even better. Featuring DW Design Series standards like True-Pitch Tuning and MAG throw-off, this kit will meet your needs and look good doing it.



  • DW Design Series Mini-Pro Shell Pack includes 14x16" Bass Drum, 6x10" and 9x13" Toms, and 5x12" Snare
  • Made with thick North American Maple shells incorporated with HVLT, Design Series shells are full, resonant and responsive with a sound that packs a punch
  • Featuring Suspension Tom Mounts allowing drums to vibrate freely for maximum resonance, and designed for reduced choking and easy tuning
  • Also includes MAG Throw-Off, DW's workhorse drop throw-off with an integrated magnet that eliminates strainer buzz by completely throwing the strainer off the head when released
  • DW Design Snare includes True Pitch Tuning for an expanded tuning range with ultra-smooth fine-tuning allowing for less backout