DW 9000 Series Multi Convertible Extra Heavy Duty Cymbal Boom Stand

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The 9700 XL is just that, an extra-large version of our popular 9700 convertible straight/boom cymbal stand. It includes a larger-footprint Mega Tripod' base, larger diameter steel tubing (1.5" at the base), removable counter weight, toothless tilter with Techlock', integrated memory locks and more. This stand is perfect for drummers that require additional reach and sturdiness for larger diameter cymbals. SPECIFICATIONS: [1" upper tube, 1 1/4" middle tube, 1 1/2" base tube] *


  • Large diameter cymbal boom stand with Mega Tripod base
  • Heavy gauge steel tubing
  • Techlock, integrated memory locks and toothless tilter
  • Removable counter weight