DW Performance Series Low Pro 4-piece Shell Pack - Black Diamond Finish Ply

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The DW USA Performance Series LowPro is the perfect shell pack for travel, touring, and busking, and an unusually well-built kit for the nontraditional drummer. The LowPro's shallow maple shells — topped with tone-enhancing hardware and gorgeous Delmar USA FinishPly wraps — sport a full, fast tone that sits great in any mix and works especially well for hip-hop, EDM, and metal. Most impressive to anyone who has played a "travel" kit is the LowPro's 20" bass drum. Thanks to its unique stand-braced design, it resists flexing, rocking, and scooting as you play, resulting in inspiring punch, power, and low end. Best of all, the DW LowPro packs light and folds flat for easy transport with shells that nest inside one another for convenient storage and travel. The included 12" snare with stand converts to a tom for even greater flexibility

Nesting maple shells

The Performance Series LowPro shell pack begins with DW's US-built, handcrafted hard rock North American maple shells, baked in pressure molds (2600 PSI at 200°F) then immediately Cool Tempered to crystallize the glue for maximum strength, roundness, and resonance. The shallow, single-headed LowPro shells nest inside one another for maximum portability and punch.

12" convertible snare with stand

The LowPro's 12" snare converts to a tom for even greater flexibility. A tripod stand is included.

FinishPly wraps

Every inch of the LowPro's Delmar-sourced FinishPly wraps is glued and heated to the shells, thereby becoming a ply themselves and adding the tone, rather than inhibiting the shells as some wraps can do.

Made in the USA

Like the rest of the DW Performance series, the LowPro shell pack is handbuilt in DW's Oxnard, California plant. For pro performance from a portable kit, look no further than the DW LowPro.

DW Performance Series LowPro 4-piece Shell Pack Features:

  • Pro performance from a portable kit
  • Handbuilt in the USA
  • Single-headed nesting maple shells require minimal space
  • Tremendous punch and quickness for hip-hop, EDM, funk, and metal
  • Stand-braced 20" kick drum is stable and stimulating
  • 12" snare (includes stand) converts to a tom for greater flexibility
  • FinishPly wraps add to, rather than inhibit, tone and resonance
  • Fine-threaded True-Pitch tension rods enhance tuning accuracy
  • Graduated flanged hoops are tailored to each shell diameter
  • Shell sizes (depth x diameter): 3" x 10" tom, 3" x 13" floor tom, 3" x 20" bass drum, 3" x 12" snare/tom