Gator Economy Gig Bag - Tenor Ukulele

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The Gator GBE-UKE-TEN economy tenor ukulele gig bag is made to fit your instrument, lifestyle, and budget. The worst thing you can do is leave your ukulele exposed to damaging elements such as humidity and dust or leaving it available to curious hands. With a rugged exterior and padding, this gig bag protects your instrument from the hazards of backseat transport and environmental damage when you aren't playing - using the GBE-UKE-TEN means you'll be getting to the gig with your ukulele in one piece. So whether you're storing your ukulele at home or heading out to your weekly gig, you need the affordability, convenience, and uncompromising protection of the Gator GBE-UKE-TEN tenor ukulele economy gig bag.