Meinl Ergo-Shape Pedal Snare Cajon, Bubinga Frontplate

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The MEINL Ergo-Shape Pedal Cajon has a rich beautiful Bubinga frontplate and is built with a patented ergonomically curved body/frontplate. This shape is comfortable to play and does not compromise the sound. Rubber Wood construction of the body gives a great fundamental resonance. The Ergo-Shaped Pedal Cajon has a patented snare mechanism controlled with a foot pedal. Special wires brush the inside surface of the frontplate. You can adjust the amount of snare effect, even turning it off and on, all without interrupting your groove. The upper corners are adjustable and control the sharpness of the attack on slap strokes. A neoprene rubber pad on top makes for a comfortable seat and rubber feet are stable on any surface. The environmentally sustainable Rubber Wood we use is perfect for cajons. The wood has good acoustic properties and is structurally very stable. Extra color and musical ‘feel’ is possible with accompanying effects, such as our Foot Rattle. This rattle is worn around the player’s ankle and has a warm sound to complement your riffs without overpowering.