Gator Pedalboard Power Supply; Wall-Wart 1700Ma

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    • 9V DC Power Adapter for Guitar Effects Pedalboard
    • Single Output Supplies Maximum of 1700mA to Power Fully Loaded Pedalboard
    • Slim Design Frees up Space on Power Strip by Occupying One Outlet
    • AC Power Input with Variable Voltage Between 115V/230V (50-60Hz) for International Use
    • Works with Optional Female-to-Male Daisy Chain Adapter Cable for Connecting Multiple Pedals
    • 8-Foot Cable to Reach Far Away Outlets
  • Product Dimensions: 2.88”/73mm (L) x 1.88”/48mm (W) x 1”/25mm (H). Net Weight: 0.17 lbs./0.1 kg