IK Multimedia iRig BlueTurn Wireless Page-Turner

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  • Supports Bluetooth LE Connections
  • Flip Pages of Digital Sheet Music Easily
  • Pedals Backlit for Stage Visibility
  • Runs on 2x AAA Batteries

Designed to work across Bluetooth platforms with iOS and Android devices, IK-Multimedia's iRig BlueTurn is a pedal that allows you to scroll through digital sheet music with the tap of your foot. Now you no longer need to take your fingers off your flute to get to the next page; if you're utilizing a tablet for your music-reading needs, simply tap your foot on the back-lit up or down arrow located on the pedal to send an HID message to your tablet, thereby "flipping the page."

Wireless connectivity thankfully divests your feet of cable clutter, while a long battery life provided by two AAA batteries ensures that this unit should not fail on you in the middle of a gig.