Korg G1 Air Digital Piano with Bluetooth - Black

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  • 88-Key Weighted, Hammer-Action Keyboard
  • Pianos from Germany, Austria, and Japan
  • String and Damper Resonance
  • Key-Off Simulation
  • Bluetooth Audio Playback
  • Four Built-In Speakers, 80W Output Power
  • 32 Instrument Sounds and Studio Effects
  • Equipped with Three Pedals
  • 40 Built-In Song Tutorials
  • Two-Track Song Recorder

Korg G1Air Overview

The black G1 Air Digital Piano with Bluetooth from Korg is an 88-key, real weighted hammer-action 3 keyboard (RH3) with five types of touch selection and 120-note maximum polyphony. It can be used to recreate the sound, feel, and experience of three different grand pianos in your home.

In addition to German, Austrian, and Japanese grand pianos, the G1 Air offers electric piano, organ, clavi, vibraphone, acoustic guitar, strings, and more, giving you a total of 32 expressive sounds. Three high-quality effects are also available: brilliance, reverb, and chorus. They are preset for each of the built-in sounds. Just select the sound and enjoy playing with the ideal effect setting.

Other features include an amplifier system with a total of 80W of sound, two built-in speakers, three integrated pedals, a stand, and a built-in metronome. The G1 Air digital piano is built with a two-track digital recorder to help you analyze or archive your performances.

In addition to the ten demonstration songs, there are 40 built-in piano songs to help you learn. The keyboard lets you control the tempo, playback, and right- and left-hand parts separately, and you can use the A-B repeat feature to practice more complex sections. The G1 Air digital piano delivers dynamic sound and an immersive playing experience. 

Three Concert Grand Pianos

At the heart of the KORG G1 are 3 concert pianos, each with its own unique character. KORG has selected these instruments from manufacturers in Germany, Austria, and Japan. Experience the sounds of 3 completely different grand pianos in your own home, and select the one that you prefer for a piece of music.

Multiple Sound Samples for Authenticity

The three main pianos in the G1 analyze performance dynamics (damper resonance, string resonance, key-off simulation) to seamlessly select between different sets of piano samples. From a delicate pianissimo to a powerful fortissimo, the player's expression is realistically reflected in the sound.

RH3 Keyboard

The G1 features the real weighted hammer-action 3 (RH3) keyboard, which accurately simulates the playing experience of a grand piano, with a heavier playing feel in the lower register that becomes lighter as you move up the keyboard. Key touch control is also provided, with a choice of five levels of sensitivity (light, normal, heavy, stable, and fixed) to specify how your playing dynamics are reflected by the sound produced.

Amplification and Speaker System

A well-designed speaker system recreates the realistic sound field of the G1 acoustic pianos and other instrument voices. With two large-diameter speakers placed below the keyboard in a resonant enclosure, the full dynamic range of sound is conveyed directly to the player, while high-frequency tones are presented by a pair of speakers mounted above the keyboard. The amplifier section provides 20W of output power for each of the four speakers, delivering up to 80W of sound.

Bluetooth Audio Support

Connect a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone to the G1 Air and enjoy playing the piano along with your stored music or other audio. When you're not playing the piano, you can use the G1 Air as a powerful Bluetooth speaker system.