Line 6 DL4 MkII Delay Modeler Pedal

SKU: 99-040-3705
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  • The 2nd iteration of the venerable DL4 Delay Modeler
  • Boasts the same knob and footswitch layout as its predecessor
  • Contains all of the sounds of the original pedal, plus 15 modern HX-derived effects and 15 reverbs
  • 1- and 4-switch loopers supply up to 240 seconds of recording time
  • microSD card unleashes extended recording time that can be stored across power cycles
  • Looper can operate in either mono or stereo, and it can be positioned before or after other effects
  • XLR microphone input enables you to loop vocals without resorting to external converters or other devices
  • MIDI In and Out/Thru DIN connectors accommodate CC, program change, and other MIDI messages
  • Modify your parameters dynamically and select presets remotely
  • 3 presets via A, B, and C footswitches, or 6 if you set the Tap switch to toggle between 2 preset banks (A,B, C and D, E, F)
  • Stores up to 128 MIDI-selectable presets
  • Switchable true/buffered/DSP bypass
  • Expression pedal input