Meinl Percussion STB45M 4.5-Inch Medium Pitch Steel Cowbell

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  • Easily mountable: this Cowbell can be seamlessly implemented into any drum set or percussion rig along with a standard mounting clamp (mount not included). Fits onto any type of percussion rod
  • Hand brushed steel: the steel material gives the bell a lively sound with a long sustain, and the hand brushed finish gives the bell a sleek appearance
  • 4 1/2" Size: produces a medium pitch With prominent overtones that can easily fill a room. Perfect for use in large venues while playing high energy music
  • For drum set and percussion rigs: perfect for rock and funk grooves or more involved Latin rhythms, drummers and percussionists alike can easily incorporate it into their setup
  • Experiment with dampening: control the ring of your Cowbell with accessories like Meinl drum Honey gel dampeners (sold separately)