Meinl Diego Galé Signature American Hickory Timbale Sticks

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Grammy-winner producer, composer, and instrumentalist Diego Galé has devoted his artistic life to the knowledge of Afro-Cuban music to integrate it with his special way of creating music with flavor.
The Meinl Stick & Brush Diego Galé Signature Timbales Stick is designed for players like Diego who want extra reach and power when needed. Made from American Hickory, these timbales sticks are well-balanced and durable with a 16 1/4" length and 1/2" diameter. Each end is rounded for easy handling and maximum playability. This is a unique option for percussionists looking for more than a standard sized timbales stick. 

"I am very demanding in the small details which add up to a big difference overall. I present to you my “Diego Galé Signature Timbales Stick”  which have the qualities to achieve a deep and brilliant sound in the bells as well as being forceful when playing the cascara on timbales. These sticks have an ideal weight to avoid fatigue in the hands and a good balance for the comfort of timbaleros and percussionists in general. The 0.5" thickness provides a firm grip and the 16.25" length allows for extra skill and versatility in playing making them ideal for recording and performing live. Diego Galé Signature Timbales Sticks have all the details you need for a flawless playability.“ – Diego Galé