Meinl Digital Cajon

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This full-sized cajon is completely digital to expand your sound options in an instant and allow for silent practice. The MEINL Percussion Digital Cajon body is made of birch and is equipped with four rubber trigger pads on the playing surface that respond with pre-programmed digital samples of MEINL instruments and other drums. From cajons and bongos to rock drums, cymbals and tambourines, The MEINL Percussion Digital Cajon creates a full percussion set or drum kit experience! The durable pads are placed in a natural cajon playing position for a comfortable feel and have a sensitive touch for seamless playing. Each pad creates its own sampled digital sound so you’re free to move around them to get creative with your rhythms. Ten sound combinations are available to choose from, and they may be selected hands-free by tapping the included foot pedal or by pressing the buttons located on the top of the cajon. The Digital Cajon is perfect for mixing up performances with an acoustic band or delivering a powerful rhythmic foundation in plugged-in settings.  Stereo and mono quarter-inch output jacks allow you to send your signal to any amp or PA system. Adjust your volume as needed with the volume dial. When it’s time for practice or silent playing by yourself, plug your headphones into the cajon through the eighth-inch headphone jack, and enjoy the rich sounds while not disturbing anyone around you. 


  • Digital Cajon for expanded sound options and silent practice
  • Four rubber trigger pads in a natural cajon playing position 
  • Ten pre-programmed digital sound combinations of MEINL cajons, percussion instruments, drums and cymbals
  • Birch body (black)
  • Perfect for plugged-in settings


  • 5900g


  • Open Cell Acoustic Foam
  • Birch Wood


  • Black