Meinl Face Shaker Happy Face

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Looking to add some visual flair to your percussion table? The Meinl Face Shaker is built to the same specifications as Meinl's gray U.F.O. Shaker, but features a bright yellow color and assortment of printed "face" graphics, giving this essential percussion accessory a look to match the eclectic music it makes. With a mellow, smooth sound that's perfect for jazz and classical music, this little wonder still packs a punch thanks to a louder filling. The durable ABS body makes the Face Shaker as suitable for live performances and touring as it is for the studio. Choose from a variety of expressions.

  • Built to same specs as Meinl U.F.O. shaker
  • ABS body, specialized louder filling with smooth sound
  • Yellow color with variety of visual face designs
  • Especially suitable for jazzy and classical genres