Meinl Jumbo 14" Synthetic Djembe - Day Of The Dead

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Centered around a deep bass tone that resonates freely, the Meinl Jumbo Djembe is all about getting big sounds with all-weather materials. Available in a variety of diameters, these djembes produce a remarkably wide range of tone from booming lows to cutting highs. The 100% synthetic all-weather head and shell do not fall out of tune with changes in temperature or humidity and combine to deliver sharp, focused slaps and robust low end. Lightweight construction makes this djembe an ideal travel companion. An easy-to-use mechanical tuning system is anchored by heavy-duty hardware to ensure a consistent and reliable sound.  Equally at home on stage or in a studio, the Jumbo Djembe is also perfectly suited for use in houses of worship and classroom settings.


  • Jumbo size for deep bass tone
  • 100% all-weather synthetic shell and head
  • Easy to use mechanical tuning system
  • Lightweight construction to travel easily
  • 14" diameter, Day Of The Dead finish


  • 14″


  • Synthetic


  • Day Of The Dead


  • Synthetic