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Meinl PAC14161820 Pure Alloy Custom Expanded Set

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Complex Pure Alloy Custom Cymbal Set in Smoked Bronze Finish

The Meinl PAC14161820 Pure Alloy Custom Expanded Set features a spectacular Finish and perfectly balanced sound . It includes a 14" hihat, a 16" crash and an 18" crash as well as a 20" ride. The top of the Meinl cymbals is Smoked Bronze finish, this gives the Pure Alloy Custom series an exceptionally modern look. The underside is brilliant, which gives the Meinl Pure Alloy Custom Expanded Set a concise assertiveness, characterized by complex overtones and warm decay.

Meinl Pure Alloy Custom: Brilliant sound, versatile use

The Smoked Bronze Finish promises a perfectly balanced cymbal sound with an assertive proportion of harmonics. In addition to the noble visual appearance, a modern sound scheme is created, because all Pure Alloy Custom cymbals are tonally excellently matched to each other.

Meinl cymbals with classic bronze sound

The Pure Alloy Custom series convinces in every size with great workmanship and full sound. The medium-thin thickness allows the tone to unfold in a balanced way, and the underside of the cymbal also contributes to an excellent frequency mix. The timeless mix of warmth and overtone fits almost any style of music and drum kit.

Brilliance meets warm finish: Pure Alloy Bronze.

The turned down bottom in Brilliant finish delivers shimmering tone that blends unobtrusively into the mix. In addition, the top of the Meinl Pure Alloy Custom Series features larger hammer-ons that shorten the decay and provide smooth and controlled definition with a comfortable feel.

Meinl Pure Alloy Custom - Everything at a glance

  • Set: 14" HiHat, 16" + 18" Crash and 20" Ride
  • Material: Pure Alloy Bronze Alloy
  • Finish: Smoked Bronze
  • Underside: Brilliant Finish
  • Manufactured with precision hammer
  • Thickness: Medium Thin
  • Classic sound with modern elements
  • Made in Germany