Meinl Percussion CAJ7NT-BK String Cajon, Premium Fiberglass Frontplate

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Meinl string cajons feature four internal metal guitar strings that come together into two adjustable points to deliver a sizzle effect when striking the frontplate. This can be very useful in achieving a crisp sound that enhances bass notes and gives corner hits extra snap. Adjusting the tension of the strings opens up the sound options and varies the sensitivity of the cajon. Slightly tighter strings are great for playing soft finger rolls with ultra-sensitive response. The matte fiberglass frontplate combined with the Rubber Wood resonating body come together to develop a deep, resonating bass tone that provides slight punches behind soft notes and deep swells behind harder playing, responding much like a kick drum. This instrument is ideal for softer acoustic gigs when a full drum kit cannot be used. Its portability as well as its musicality make it easy for musicians to pick up and play without hassle. The MEINL Standard Cajon Bag is included with this model. All Meinl bags are made of heavy duty nylon with reinforced stitching and a strong carrying grip to protect your instrument.