PDP 700 Series 5-Piece Hardware Pack

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Perfect for local gigs, bop set-ups, rehearsal rooms, classrooms, and more. These versatile stands were designed by DW in California and feature a variable-position Glide Tilter', double-braced legs, and anti-slip feet. Also included in this pack is the lightweight, streamlined PDSP710 pedal. The retro-styled single-chain concentric drive system is easy to play, while its dual posts, steel baseplate, and steel drive shaft make this pedal built to last. 


  • PDCB710 - PDP 700 Series Lightweight Boom Cymbal Stand
  • PDCS710 - PDP 700 Series Lightweight Straight Cymbal Stand
  • PDHH713 - PDP 700 Series Hi-Hat Stand with Three Legs
  • PDSP710 - PDP 700 Series Single Pedal (Single Chain)
  • PDSS710 - PDP 700 Series Lightweight Snare Stand