PDP New Yorker 4-Piece Shell Pack - Black Onyx Sparkle

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Created in the DW Custom Shop, the PDP New Yorker series was designed using compact sizes for easier portability.

New Yorker kits are available from PDP in stylish and convenient configurations for the student or working drummer. The eye-catching finish options are available in brilliant Electric Green, Pale Rose, or Black Onyx Sparkle wraps. PDP New Yorker kits exhibit warm, full tones, courtesy of their all-poplar shells. The low-mass, Teardrop Mini-Turret lugs help to make them lightweight and travel-friendly.

Shell sizes: 14x16 with 10.5mm BDM, 8x10, 12x13F, 5x14 Snare

PDP New Yorker Kits include Drum Workshop’s innovative True-Pitch tension rods, world-class drum heads by Remo, and a versatile single tom bass drum mount that combines a tom arm with an auxiliary clamp. Each kit also includes a bass drum lifter to accommodate almost any variety of bass drum pedal.