Samson C02 Pencil Condenser Microphones

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The Samson C02 pencil style condenser microphone excels in both live performance and recording applications and come in a convenient stereo pair

Equipped with a linear frequency response for superior reproduction, it is also designed to withstand high sound pressure levels. Extremely sensitive, it employs a tight cardioid pattern to reduce feedback. It has a cardioid pickup pattern and gold-plated XLR connectors.

Sold as a stereo pair.

Carry Case and a special shock-mounted mic holder are included to minimize noise and provide additional protection.



• Extended range frequency response for optimum reproduction and exceptionally clear, crisp sound with great transient response.

• Ultra sensitive, low mass element picks up all of the nuances of any performance.

• Tight cardioid polar pattern minimizes feedback problems and effectively rejects signals not originating directly in front of the mic capsule.

• Withstands high SPLs, lending itself to a wide range of micing situations.

• Special shock-mounted mic holder is included to minimize noise and provide additional protection.

• Rugged brass case ensures reliable performance in even the most demanding environments.

• The included foam windscreen can be fitted to greatly reduce wind noise when used in an outdoor environment, or for reducing “P Popping” in vocal applications.

• Lightweight and compact, the C02 can be mounted on any standard microphone stand using the included shock-mounted mic clip.

• Included foam-lined impact resistant carrying case for convenience when transporting three C02 microphones from venue to venue.

• Gold plated XLR Connector.