Savarez 520JR .029 -.042 Rectified HT/NT Classical Guitar Strings

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  • Product Type: Full Set
  • Full Set # of Strings: 6
  • Tension: Mixed
  • Bass Set Material: Silver Plated
  • Treble Set Material: Rectified Nylon


Savarez Classical Guitar Strings

Savarez 520JR Rectified High/Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
high tension "Yellow Card" Traditional trebles, normal tension "Red Card" basses

Note: Though the packaging says "Extra-High Tension" on the Yellow Card Trebles, and "High-Tension on the Red Card basses, Savarez classifies these as High Tension and Normal Tension strings, respectively.

Item # Note Gauge (in.) Tension (lbs.) Material
521J E/1st .0287 18.66 Rectified Nylon
522J B/2nd .0331 13.84 Rectified Nylon
523J G/3rd .0409 13.35 Rectified Nylon
524R D/4th .0295 16.24 silverplated copper wound
525R A/5th .0339 14.54 silverplated copper wound
526R E/6th .0421 14.43 silverplated copper wound